About Us

Rufa Focus Africa (RUFA) is a non-governmental, non-religious and a non-political organization dedicated to help the rural women, girls and youth in general, empowering them to become assets to their various communities. Today poverty poses most developmental challenge in developing countries like Ghana especially in rural areas. To break the cycle of poverty there is a  need to empower women and girls to build their capacity, educate them on health, sanitation and financial literacy.

RUFA has taken the challenge to playing proactive roles in initiating projects and programs that will help groom the youth and also help in alleviating poverty. RUFA is dedicated to focusing on rural areas especially women and girls to empower, and inspire, self-confidence and build self-esteem in them. RUFA is aimed at improving livelihood of people in the rural communities particularly youth, women and children through capacity building, social and economic interventions.


“To contribute to total economic and social emancipation of women and youth in rural Africa’


  1. To provide youth (especially girls) in the rural areas access to education to have a better future and be an asset to their communities.
  2. To inculcate in the people good sanitation habits and also educate them on good sanitation practices and provide them with different economical solutions to manage it.
  3. To work for uplifting the status of women in the rural society through economic empowerment programs gender development programs.
  4. To provide financial literacy and linkages to formal financial institutions programs to women and youth in the rural areas.
  5. To create the awareness and educate the youth on the abuse of drugs (substance abuse)

Personal Objective

  • RUFA Girls Education Program
  • RUFA Sanitation Program
  • Economic Empowerment Program
  • ‘Stop Drug Abuse Program’